Six! - Android Game


Six! is an android mobile phone game that is challenging, exciting and infuriating at times.

As with all great puzzlers, this game is great in one minute bursts or hours of emotive fun. In the game users are challenged to interact with a tower block of varying shaped bricks upon which rests a block.

The aim is to get the block down the tower to earn points. Users do this by tapping the bricks to make them disappear bringing the block down into the space cleared underneath.

Requirement Specification:

  • When users open the game on android device, they are able to see the Leader scoreboard with the score of the last 10 games.

  • Users can click the normal button to get into the normal game play.

  • Users have an option of clicking on the challenge button to play 3 different modes of 24 hour daily challenge option.

  • Users also have an option of clicking on the Jenga button/Race button to play the Jenga tile feature or the race against tile feature.

  • Users can click on the customize button to change the shape or skin of the ball.

  • While playing the game, users are able to pause the game. After that, the scoreboard will stop increasing until user resume the game. And all of the tiles and the block will remain the same before user resume the game.

  • While the Pause button is pressed,users can select to mute the sound in the game or to resume/restart the game or to go to the home screen by clicking on the main menu.

System Requirements:

  • Android Device running Android 4.4 or later

  • Compatible with Android versions minimum 4.1.1 API16

  • Storage space of about 30 Megabytes.


Data flow diagram


Final Product :

User interaction flow

Main menu

Game play screen

Pause menu

Game in Progess

Time limit mode

Time limit starts

Daily challenge option

Shape menu

Brief :

Six! is remake of a popular android gaming app with enhancements and more features than the original app.

Role :

Dynamic tower stack generation, Developing shapes for blocks, Animation, Sound & User Interface

Purpose :

The aim of this project was to refine the original game by introducing innovative features to make it more exiting to play

Team :

Rujun Shen - Developer,
Kshitij Dhudhani - Developer,
Armando Callo - Developer,
Sagar Udeshi - Developer